About Us

Mission is to provide a green response in alleviating the burden from the landfills, provide jobs for disenfranchised men, and to give back to our community.

Ace Mattress Recycling is New England’s premier mattress recycling company. The company is a woman, minority owned business that has been successfully growing since 2009. Ace Mattress Recycling is a new entity that brings a cost effective approach to eliminate all unused mattresses properly and safely. We break down 95% of the mattress and its contents to be redistributed or reused by other companies. This reduces the negative effects caused by contaminated mattresses to promote a more green approach for a healthier environment.


Ace Mattress Recycling realized the potential to reuse mattress materials, but also to employ those in need. We have created the opportunities to give men jobs who are trying to assimilate back into the community; making it easier for them. We understand that it is difficult and want to help aide in that process.

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Another important aspect of Ace Mattress Recycling is giving back to our community. We have compassion for others well-being and want to help improve people’s lives. We consecutively donate food and gifts around the holiday season, as well as provide funding for other outreaches. As we grow, more people we are able to help!

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