Giving Back

Ace Mattress Recycling strongly believes that it is better to give than to receive! The more we grow, the more we give to our local community. There are many donations that we provide throughout the year to organizations and causes. We also give annually during the Holiday season.

At Thanksgiving we give away turkeys and food to over 50 families. We also have a toy drive where we give away hundreds of toys and bikes so that families can have gifts to give to their children. It means so much to us to have the opportunity to bless others.

Throughout the year, we also give games, instruments, and sponsorships to a local youth ministry. We strongly believe in giving teens a safe place to gather, have fun, learn, and be given a strong foundation to help them excel in life.

We also give all of the funding that we make off of the recycled wood pallets to a local outreach ministry that provides food and clothing to impoverished people and families.